Data security

We protect customer and test participant data with controls and information encryption.

Last Updated 07/02/2021

Database security

We use a leading third-party database that maintains several industry-recognized certifications.

For more information, please visit the Amazon AWS security website

Encrypted video

Media shared in Peer-to-Peer Rooms is end-to-end encrypted.

Each participant in a peer-to-peer room negotiates a separate DTLS / SRTP connection with each other participant. All media published or subscribed from the room is sent over these secure connections and is encrypted only at the sender and decrypted only at the recipient.

TURN Traversal Service cannot decrypt media: TURN only routes the packet between peers.

Credit card

Odaptos does not store any credit card information. We have partnered with Stripe for credit card processing. They power online transactions for thousands of business and SaaS platforms and are PCI Level 1 compliant for the storage and processing of credit card information.

Questions ?

If you have any security questions or believe you have found a security breach, please do not hesitate to contact our team at